Alameda County Sheriff Office CA. / Lore Friendly based Sheriff Office Clothing Package. A OhLiamR Bestseller, which provides your community with all the Sheriff Office Assets they are looking forward to having!

Comes FiveM & LSPDFR Ready

Pack Contents

  • Class A Base Uniform (Purple)
  • Class A Supervisor Uniform (Dark Blue)
  • Class B Base Uniform (Purple)
  • Class B Supervisor Uniform (Dark Blue)
  • Class B K9 Apprehension Uniform (Dark Blue)
  • Class B Warrant Services Uniform (Dark Blue)
  • Class B Criminal Investigations Uniform (Dark Blue)
  • Class B Traffic Services Unit Uniform (Dark Blue)
  • Class C Base Uniform (Purple)
  • Base Uniform Pants
  • Sheriff Office Fleece Texture (No Longer Available)
  • Sheriff Office Vest Model
  • Sheriff Office Base Patrol Vest
  • Sheriff Office Gang Unit Vest
  • Sheriff Office Supervisor Vest
  • Campaign Hat Texture (ZZ/OvO Model)
  • Combat Hoddie/Jacket Base Patrol Texture (Hanako Model)
  • Combat Hoddie/Jacket Supervisor Patrol Texture (Hanako Model)
  • Combat Hoddie/Jacket K9 Apprehension Texture (Hanako Model)
  • Installation Instructions for all Third Party Models Required

If you are seeking assistance with installation or download of the product, then please join the Discord Link below as an icon (Bottom of Website) and open a ticket.

BCSO EUP Mega Package — $20

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