Terms of Service/Use

Purchasing a digital asset from OhLiamR Modifications is to be abided by the following:

Terms of Service for OhLiamR Modifications Digital Asset Purchases

  • By purchasing a digital asset from OhLiamR Modifications, you ("the Purchaser") agree to be bound by the following Terms of Service ("ToS" or "Agreement"). Please read these terms carefully before making any purchase.

No Chargebacks or Refunds:

  • Once payment for a digital asset has been made, no chargebacks or refund requests will be permitted. If a chargeback is attempted, the Purchaser will be banned from the OhLiamR Modifications server, and a claim will be submitted to Stripe to contest the chargeback, pursuant to the relevant purchasing and selling digital products policy.

Unauthorized Distribution Prohibited:

  • The Purchaser is strictly prohibited from publicly or privately releasing, sharing, or distributing the purchased digital assets, whether to a single individual or a group of people. Violation of this provision may result in removal from OhLiamR Modifications and potential legal action.

No Resale or Financial Gain:

  • The Purchaser is not permitted to resell or otherwise profit from the purchased digital assets. Although the assets have been purchased, OhLiamR Modifications retains full ownership rights, and legal action may be taken in cases of unauthorized use for financial gain.

Payment in Advance:

  • Payments must be received in full prior to the delivery of any purchased digital assets.

No Purchasing on Behalf of Others:

  • The Purchaser must be the intended end user of the digital asset(s) and is not permitted to purchase on behalf of another individual or entity.

Limited License:

  • By purchasing digital assets from OhLiamR Modifications, the Purchaser is granted a limited license to use the assets as intended, subject to compliance with this ToS. Full ownership rights to the assets are retained by OhLiamR Modifications.

Commission Violations and Consequences:

  • If the Purchaser breaches any provision of this ToS in relation to a commissioned digital asset, OhLiamR Modifications reserves the right to release the commissioned asset as a public listing or free release.

Cancellation of Commissions:

  • OhLiamR Modifications may, at its sole discretion, cancel a commission in its entirety if the Purchaser is found to be in violation of this ToS or engaging in "Dishonesty towards the Developer" (e.g., leaking assets).

No Modifications without Permission:

  • The Purchaser must not edit or modify any material owned by OhLiamR Modifications without express written consent from the Developer.

Donations to Other Communities:

  • If the Purchaser wishes to donate a purchased digital asset pack to another community, they must first notify and obtain approval from the OhLiamR Modifications Team.

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