Upgrade your Los Santos Police Department with a partially fictional / Austin Texas Police Department uniform package. This package features a variety of uniforms to make your fellow officers look snazzy while on patrol! Major updates are planned for this product, including but not limited to formal attire and new badge variations for different subdivisions!

  • Pack comes FiveM, LSPDFR Ready & Addon Ready -

(Male & Female)

Pack Contents (Identical for Male & Female)

  • Class A Uniform (Regular/Black)

  • Class A Uniform (K9 Unit/Black)

  • Class A Uniform (Supervisor/White)

  • Class B Uniform (Regular/Black)

  • Class B Uniform (K9 Unit/Black)

  • Class B Uniform (Supervisor/White)

  • Class B Uniform w/ Turtleneck (Regular/Black)

  • Class B Uniform w/ Turtleneck (K9 Unit/Black)

  • Class C Uniform (Regular/Black)

  • Class C Uniform (K9 Unit/Black)

  • Class C Uniform (Supervisor/White)

  • Base Uniform Pants

  • Cargo Pants (Black)

  • Cargo Pants (Navy)

  • Cargo Pants (Grey)

  • Cargo Pants (Tan)

  • Custom LSPD Badge Model + Texture (w/ Nameplate)

  • Patrol Rain Jacket Model & Texture

  • Patrol Vest Model & Texture

  • Patrol Polo (Casual Open Buttons)

  • Class A Patrol Jacket Undershirt

  • Class B Patrol Jacket Undershirt w/ Turtleneck

  • Undervest for Patrol Jacket

  • Baseball Cap Model

  • Baseball Cap Patrol Texture

  • Patrol Cap (Formal)

Comes with Installation instructions and download links for required "Third Party" models
If you are seeking assistance with installation or download of the product, then please join the Discord Link below as an icon (Bottom of Website) and open a ticket.

LSPD EUP Package V3 — $25

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Product: LSPD EUP Package V3 5/5

“Mega package and a lot of choice it doesn't get any better than this”dxme8382

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